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My Superhero Bones

My Superhero Bones is a children’s book that tells a story of courage, healing, friendship, and overcoming obstacles. We always encourage each and everyone’s abilities, it's not disability but "a different ability." 

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The Beginning 

In this story, you will meet two adopted children, one from Haiti and one from the Middle East. You will follow their journey from struggles as orphans, hunger, and sadness to their successes in finding a loving family. 


Their Encounter 

Aria and Rose met as children in a hospital. The similarities of their life stories brought them together, and the sharing of their life stories led them to create My Superhero Bones.

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This story will show the value of friendship when you are living through and attempting to overcome obstacles. Aria and Rose both struggled with adjusting to medical procedures and experiencing the enjoyment of life as a child, at the same time.


Overcoming Obstacles 

At the end of our story, we hope to demonstrate through our struggles the endless possibilities for a life filled with joy, success, friendship, and family. Obstacles are made to be overcome, Rose and Aria do just that in the book, My Superhero Bones.

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