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Mom, hold my hand, my legs are gone

This blog post is about my journey after the Haiti earthquake. The day after Noonoon died I was rescued by the orphanage staff, they put me in the back of a pickup truck and started driving me to the nearest hospital. When we arrived at the hospital I could see hundreds of injured people laying down waiting to be called in order to get surgery. They laid me down on the ground and put a blanket over me so that I could get comfortable, obviously, I was not comfortable because I just went through the most traumatic thing that a ten-year-old could go through. The only reason I am alive today is because a man died and I took his place. if he did not die I would have bled out and died before the doctors had a chance to see me. I am grateful that I got spot-on time, I am not grateful that the man before me had to die for me to get saved, but I am grateful that my life was saved. After waiting for hours the doctors finally took me to a hospital room, while they were deciding what to do I was contemplating my life. Should I live or should I go and meet my maker? I chose to live or would not be blogging about this story right now. When the doctors left the hospital room to prepare the operating table, that amount of time gave my biological mother enough time to arrive at the hospital. My mother saw me laying down on a bed bleeding out she screamed in horror at the sight. She was telling the nurses how horrible she was for putting in the orphanage. To this day I don't blame her for putting me in that orphanage. I know she was trying her best to keep my little brother and me safe. I knew she did not have enough money to take care of us either, so she did the best she could to help us. I remembered looking into my mother's eyes and seeing how much hurt she was in by looking at me in pain, it absolutely broke my heart. she was such a wonderful person that it made me sad to see her hurt or in pain because of me. I remembered the doctors coming back to the hospital room to tell me what was going to happen to me. They told me that they would have to amputate my legs because some of the debris from the orphanage building got into my bloodstream, and was traveling through my legs if they did not amputate my legs the debris would have traveled up my body to my heart and it would cut off the blood flow to my heart which would have killed me. When the doctors were amputating my legs they did not give me any anesthesia or numbing medication, not even painkillers due to the lack of resources Haiti has. Haiti does not have a lot of medical tools to help them with surgeries. I remembered the nurses holding me down while the doctors were using garden trimmers to cut off my legs. Going through that process really helped me be more grateful for the medical tools that we have in the United States. I am also grateful to my biological mother for being there to be my support system.

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It's a miracle your alive after such horrific experiences and it takes courage to channel your painful experiences into helping. I am inspired by your efforts. I can't wait for your children's book to be published!

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