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Echos of Innocence: A day in a Haitian Orphanage

Hi everyone Rose here! Todays blog post will be about supporting Haiti's orphanages by donating to support them. Ways that you can help are to donate money that will go toward providing clothing, toys, food, shelter, schooling and a loving, supporting environment for Haiti's orphans to live in. I began this donation process because I know exactly what it is like to be an orphan in Haiti. Growing up in an orphanage in Haiti came with many difficulties. Such as, hunger, thirst and poverty. Knowing that there is a way I can help children like me avoid poverty and the difficulties that came with it encouraged me to provide a platform for people to donate to them. Even though I was adopted by a loving family, many of these children will never have the same opportunity I had. However, with your support, they may be able to and will be helped regardless. Your donations to this cause will not only help keep these children out of a life of poverty, but will also help ensure that the know there are people like you who love and care about them.

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